A 24 hour Holter Monitor will record every heartbeat until it is removed. It helps to diagnose palpitations, dizzy turns and blackouts.

If you have any symptoms whilst wearing the monitor, write them down, noting the time, and bring the list in with you the next day.

Please wear a shirt/blouse with buttons in front or a loose fitting shirt that is easy to remove whilst the monitor is being put on. Please avoid moisturisers on chest area and no magnetic underlays are to be used whilst the monitor is on.

You will be wiped down with an alcohol wipe, and 4 electrodes will be placed on your chest after being rubbed with a piece of fine skin sandpaper, so as to give good contact with the electrode on your skin. Men may need to be shaved prior to placing electrodes on the chest.

It will take approximately 15 minutes to apply the Holter Monitor. You will be required to return to the clinic at the same time the following day to have the monitor removed.

The monitor is not waterproof so you cannot have a shower or a bath until the monitor is removed.

The data will then be downloaded and a report generated and checked by our Cardiologist, and sent to the referring doctor.


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